New Bums – “Black Bough”

Ben Chasny records zoned-out acoustic guitar meditations as Six Organs Of Admittance, and he’s got a long history of wrecking axes in bands like Comets On Fire and Rangda. Donovan Quinn makes up half of the long-running psych-folk duo Skygreen Leopards. And together, Chasny and Quinn have now formed a new duo called New Bums; they’ll release their debut album Voices In A Rented Room early next year. If their debut single and album opener “Black Bough” is anything to go on, the combination of Chasny’s spiraling guitar and Quinn’s plainspoken vocals might sound something like recent-vintage Kurt Vile. Listen to “Black Bough” and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Black Bough”
02 “Pigeon Town”
03 “Your Girlfriend Might Be A Cop”
04 “Sometimes You Crash”
05 “The Killers And Me”
06 “Your Bullshit”
07 “It’s The Way”
08 “Welcome To The Navy”
09 “Burned”
10 “Town On The Water”
11 “Mother’s Favorite Hated Son”
12 “Cool Daughter”

Voices In A Rented Room is out 2/18 on Drag City.