Watch Jack White’s “We’re Going To Be Friends” From Inside Llewyn Davis Concert Film

Inside Llewyn Davis, the Coen brothers’ upcoming film set in the early-’60s Greenwich Village folk scene, will be accompanied by a star-studded concert special called Another Day, Another Time on Showtime next week. The concert was filmed at Town Hall in Manhattan back in September, and we already saw fan-made video of Elvis Costello’s performance. Now comes our first peek at the professional footage in the form of Jack White’s folked-up rendition of the White Stripes’ twee ballad “We’re Going To Be Friends.” Hear the tune infused with twangy harmonies and plucky fingerpicking below.

Another Day, Another Time airs 12/13 on Showtime, and Inside Llewyn Davis opens 12/20. Here’s a preview in which stars Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake, and Adam Driver give a spirited rendition of “Please Mr. Kennedy,” an extra goofy and period-appropriate protest song by Timberlake’s character Jim Berkey. As he often does on Girls, Driver steals the show in especially obnoxious fashion.

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