Sunn O))) & Ulver – “Eternal Return” (Excerpt)

American drone wizards Sunn O))) and Norwegian progressive/post-everything/modern-classical band Ulver have more or less moved “metal” as far from its conceptual base as any artists in the genre’s history, so it’s fitting that they’d team for a collaboration to further fuck with the possibilities of heavy/loud/epic/atonal sound. The team started work together in 2008, in Norway, following Ulver’s 200th show, recording three “live in improvisation” pieces, which eventually became Terrestrials, a a three-song LP due next February. “Eternal Return” is the album’s closing track (perhaps fittingly it shares a name with a track by Chicago experimentalists Locrian; the title refers to a philosophical concept central to Friedrich Nietzsche’s work). A three-plus-minute excerpt of the song has been made available to preview today, and while the excerpt only hints at what’s in store, it’s safe to say the album’s going to be massive. Check it out.

Terrestrials tracklist:
01 “Let There Be Light”
02 “Western Horn”
03 “Eternal Return”

Terrestrials is out 2/4 via Southern Lord.

Tags: Sunn O))), Ulver