Justin Vernon Recording New Staves Album

If you came here thinking Justin Vernon was recording an LP inspired by his buddy Kanye’s “New Slaves,” you read that headline wrong. And you’re not alone. In fact, upon closer examination, the Bon Iver frontman is producing the new project by the Staves, a British folk trio comprising the three Stavely-Taylor sisters from Watford. (Insert your own Haim reference here.) The Staves announced the collaboration on Twitter over the weekend:

This is a good fit for a number of reasons. The Staves play a breed of folk-rock that Vernon knows how to present with glimmering grace. Furthermore, the sisters opened for Bon Iver on tour last year and often helped out with the achingly beautiful For Emma, Forever Ago closer “Re: Stacks.” It went a little something like this:

The Staves’ previous album, 2012’s Dead & Born & Grown, was produced by the legendary father-and-son duo Glyn and Ethan Johns. No word yet on the release date for this Vernon collaboration.