Watch Morrissey Play The 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Last night, Claire Danes hosted the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Concert Oslo’s Spektrum. The show had performances from Omar Souleyman, Mary J. Blige, James Blunt, Jake Bugg, and, fascinatingly, Morrissey. Morrissey performed three songs at the concert: “People Are The Same Everywhere,” “Irish Blood, English Heart,” and his cover of Lou Reed’s “Satellite Of Love.” His voice sounded strong, and he looked as engaged as he ever looked. But he still offered a few questions to puzzle out. For instance: Why was he wearing what appeared to be enormous wide-legged sweatpants? And why were all the members of his backing band rocking matching Hustler T-shirts? Finally, why would an event like this, which seems to operate entirely on sincerity, book a hall-of-fame arch ironist like Moz in the first place? Watch the performance below.

I’m sure the Organization For The Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons was honored at Morrissey’s presence.