How To Dress Well – “Teenage Spaceship” (Smog Cover)

Lately, lo-fi avant-R&B explorer How To Dress Well has taken to recording music at home and posting it online, which is really how he got everyone’s attention in the first place. For his latest offering, he’s recorded a version of Smog’s 1998 song “Teenage Spaceship,” one of Bill Callahan’s most iconic odes to isolation. In Tom Krell’s hands, it’s an elegiac, washed-out glitch-soul jam, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. In his Soundcloud description, Krell makes sure to point out that he recorded it on built-in laptop mics, while on tour, and that it’s not mastered, but you could’ve fooled me. Listen to it below.

(via Pitchfork)

In the Soundcloud description of his cover, Krell writes, “the beauty of bill callahan’s original song is unmatched—— this is just an attempt to do honor to one of the greatest songs i’ve ever known.”