Morgan Delt – “Obstacle Eyes”

Although Cali singer-songwriter Morgan Delt released a tape last year called Psychic Death Hole, his latest single is heavy on the psych and light on the death hole — not that the song avoids an air of creepiness altogether. “Obstacle Eyes,” from Delt’s self-titled debut album coming later this month, is an understated but elaborate psych compendium that will resonate with Zombies fans and people who wish Syd Barrett had never quit Pink Floyd. Twisty chord progressions and interwoven melodies abound, sounds piling up to near-overwhelming density without the song ever giving up its preternaturally chill disposition. It’s a mini-symphony worthy of whispered praise and finger snaps instead of applause. Listen below.

Morgan Delt is out 1/28 via Trouble In Mind.

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