Courtney Love Goes To Court Over Tweet

UPDATE: Love was found not guilty of defamation.

Courtney Love is infamous for, among so many other things, popping off a whole lot of shit on Twitter. That habit has led to more than one lawsuit, and today, Love will go to court to defend herself — and her Twitter account — against an attorney who used to work for her.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the lawyer Rhonda Holmes, who Love once hired to sue Kurt Cobain’s estate managers for fraud, is now suing Love because of something Love tweeted in 2010. On Twitter, Love wrote, “I was fucking devestated when Rhonda J. Holmes esq. of san diego was bought off.” The lawsuit also mentions comments that Love once made in an interview.

In the lawsuit, Holmes has to prove that Love’s Twitter followers understood who she was talking about and that Love acted with malice when she Tweeted that. For her part, Love maintains that she meant to send the Tweet as a direct message but accidentally made it public. It’s since been deleted. The lawsuit will probably also draw attention to Love’s past behavior on Twitter. The case starts today, and Love is scheduled to give testimony.

In happier news, Rolling Stone speculates that Hole may reunite — for real this time — this year. In 2009, Love, along with a no-other-original-members version of Hole, released the album Nobody’s Daughter, badly pissing off longtime guitarist Eric Erlandson in the process. But the band reunited for one night in Brooklyn in 2012 and in December, Love posted a photo of herself and Erlandson smiling together on Facebook. In the caption, she wrote, “And this just happened… 2014 is going to be a very interesting year.” The caption also included the Twitter names of late-period Hole bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur and manager Peter Mensch.

And in further Courtney Love news, Page Six reports that she’s been dating star screenwriter Aaron Sorkin for a few months. According to an anonymous source, “He is intrigued by Courtney’s wit, while she says Aaron is a great influence on her. Some people might think they are an odd couple, but she likens them to Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller.” If you need to lie down to process that one, go ahead.