Watch Disclosure Perform With Mary J. Blige In NYC

With their debut LP Settle, the British dance duo Disclosure released one of last year’s best albums, and since then, they’ve continued to come up in the world. Case in point: Last night, the Lawrence brothers wrapped up a three-night stand at New York’s Terminal 5. Their single “F For You” is one of the few Settle tracks with no guest vocalist, but last night, it had one hell of a guest vocalist: Mary J. Blige, who channeled her inner gospel-house diva and belted the everliving shit out of the song. (Sting was there, too, as you can see in the above photo.) We don’t yet know if this is a sign of further collaborations to come, but, I mean, we deserve this, don’t we? Watch a grainy fan-made video below.

(via FACT)

Honestly, if MJB wanted to sing every song from Settle, I wouldn’t stop her.

In other Disclosure news, the duo will perform on Fallon tonight and according to Instagram they recently hit the studio with Q-Tip: