Thurston Moore – “Detonation”

Given all the sneaking around he’s become notorious for, I’m kind of taken aback that the first word out of Thurston Moore’s mouth on “Detonation” is “Clandestinity!” Otherwise, nobody’s gonna be surprised by the song — scheduled for release on a 7-inch next month via Blank Editions as part of the label’s Solo Series with B-side “Germs Burn” — but if you’ve been picking up what Moore’s been putting down for the past three decades, you’re probably going to like it. Per a press release, the track “pays homage to N16 London libertarian and communitarian activists.” Hear it below.

(via Pitchfork)

“Detonation” b/w “Germs Burn” is out 2/7 via Blank Editions. Moore will perform at Flashback Records in London that day to celebrate the release.