Drive-By Truckers – “Made Up English Oceans” Video

When James Jackson Toth wrote our Counting Down: Drive-By Truckers Albums From Worst To Best, he called them “perhaps the greatest extant American rock and roll band.” That’s ludicrously high praise, but as DBT prepares to release their 10th full-length, English Oceans, it’s hard to think of too many extant American rock and roll bands that are demonstrably more deserving of such accolades. We’ve already heard one song from the album, “Pauline Hawkins,” and now they’ve released a follow-up, the sorta title track, “Made Up English Oceans,” accompanied by an empty-hall performance video that’s just about as bare-bones as these things can get without just being audio. It’s a bleak and beautiful song and you should by all means check it out.

English Oceans is out 3/4 via ATO.