Hear A Skrillex/Chance The Rapper Collaboration

A couple of weeks ago, the rap superproducer Mike Will Made It posted a photo of himself, Skrillex, and Chance The Rapper — all of them together in the studio — on Instagram. This raised an immediate question: What the fuck is that going to sound like? We now have a partial answer. At a recent show, Skrillex played a track that he and Chance had put together, and it turns out that the combination isn’t awkward at all. It just sounds like Chance going in over house music, and since Chance is from Chicago and all, that’s simply not a stretch. The audio in the fan-made video below is a bit muddy, but you get the idea: Chance flips a line from Biggie’s “Big Poppa” and Skrillex’s fleet-footed beat is brighter than what we tend to expect from him. There is no bass-drop.

(via Pitchfork)

A proper studio version of this is presumably forthcoming, and there might be more music from those three on the way, as well.