Beyoncé (Feat. Jay Z) – “Drunken Love (Official Remix)” (Prod. Detail)

If you didn’t think there was any way to improve on the ostentatious Beyoncé/Jay Z collab “Drunk In Love,” think again. Over at Complex, producer Noel “Detail” Fisher has unveiled his official remix of the song. Dubbed “Drunken Love,” the remix trades in the booming drums of the original for a more cinematic and orchestral reinterpretation. In a video, he gives some insight into the creation of the remix: “[Beyoncé] pretty much wrote everything on there. I had an idea about drunk situations and shit and she helped build it and turn it into this masterpiece. But I felt like my part wasn’t done. She did such a good job on the song that I felt it was only missing the touching elements that I wanted to provide.” Listen below.