Watch The Walkmen Reunite In New Orleans; Hamilton Says “This Is The Last Thing We’ll Ever Do”

Last year, we profiled the Walkmen in the weeks leading up to the “pretty extreme hiatus” promised by bassist/organist Pete Bauer in late November. Their swan song came on 12/4 in Philadelphia. Then, a month later, they announced another show, headlining San Antonio Spurs’ Matt Bonner and his brother Luke’s Alt-Star Party at New Orleans’ One Eyed Jacks. That reunion happened last night, and video of “We’ve Been Had,” the last song in their set, is now online. Here’s how frontman Hamilton Leithauser set it up:

Here’s the first song that we ever wrote together. We’re old friends. These are my best friends. These guys are my best friends. It’s not easy to knock us down because we have like five or six final shows, right? Like, we have one and then we have another and then we have another and then we have another and we have another. And then we have a reunion and then we have another reunion and then we have another reunion. ‘Cause it’s so fun playing with these guys. It’s the best. You guys are the best. You know what? This is the end. This is the last thing that we’ll ever do. But this is great. This is the first song that we ever wrote together…

Leithauser then introduced his bandmates before they performed the Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone favorite. The song ended with the singer walking off the stage and through the crowd as the band continued playing. Watch below.

Win Butler was there, too.

There are no further Walkmen shows announced (yet). Walter Martin’s solo album is out in May and Leithauser’s is expected soon as well.

[Lead photo by @RealLowVibe.]