Apple’s Bringing iTunes Festival (And Coldplay) To SXSW

In recent years, it wouldn’t be SXSW without corporations bringing giant stars to SXSW and generally undermining what dorks like us thought was the point of the entire event. Case in point: Apple’s iTunes Festival, which has been coming to London’s Roundhouse for the past seven years, will take over Austin’s Moody Theater (where PBS’s Austin City Limits tapes) for five nights during next month’s marathon, according to a press release. Thus far, the lineup is jammed with exactly the types of artists you would not expect to see playing SXSW: Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Keith Urban, Pitbull, and Zedd. The shows will all stream live for free on Apple devices, just in case you’re sitting at home and feel like watching a Pitbull show.