Stream SAINT PEPSI Gin City

For all the different tracks we’ve heard from SAINT PEPSI (aka Ryan DeRobertis) over the last year, it’s worth noting that we haven’t heard something long-form from him since last summer’s excellent Hit Vibes (which is still free to download by the way). So it’s extremely satisfying to get the Gin City EP. We’ve already heard “Mr. Wonderful” and “Baby,” which hinted at how unpredictable and complex his tracks were growing, and that growth is especially evident on Gin City’s “Walking Talking” and “Disappearing,” the latter of which deserves special attention. It finds DeRobertis, completely free of his trademark sampling, smashing together glitchy chiptunes, drilling drum beats, and a soft-rock guitar solo before slamming the breaks and shifting into a starry-eyed slow-dance jam. By all logic it should be a complete fucking mess, but it’s the best track I’ve heard from him since “Call Me Maybe” left me speechless about a year ago. Gin City as a whole is a good indicator that when he finally gets around to making a full SAINT PEPSI album, it will be something very special. Listen to all of it below and go to Bandcamp to download it for any price.

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