Erlend Øye – “Fence Me In”

Did Kings Of Convenience break up? This is not a rhetorical question; I can’t find confirmation either way, but as of 2014, it will be five goddamn years since the Norwegian duo’s last album, 2009’s Declaration Of Dependence. If they did split, it’s an awful shame, because that band has made nothing but sublimely beautiful music over their three-album career. Erlend Øye is the guy in KoC who wears the Elvis Costello glasses; along with Kings, he makes music with the Whitest Boy Alive, who are also going on five years without a new record. But Øye, at least, is set to release a new solo LP this year — his first under his own name since 2003’s UnrestLegao, which was recorded with members of the Icelandic band Hjalmar, at their studio in Reykjavik. “Fence Me In” is the album’s first single, and if you’re familiar with the Whitest Boy Alive or the more-upbeat KoC tracks on which Øye sings lead (“I’d Rather Dance With You”; “Mrs. Cold”), you know what this sounds like, too: winsome, warm, impossibly lovely acoustic indie pop with a slight bossa nova beat to balance the Scandinavian chill. Check it out.

Legao is out in May via Bubbles Records.

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