Atmosphere – “Bitter”

It hasn’t been that long since the last time we heard from the Minneapolis indie-rap institution Atmosphere; The Family Sign, their last album, came out in 2011. But the duo’s next album Southsiders will come out in a different world. The duo’s new single is called “Bitter,” and if it was about the group’s feelings regarding Macklemore wholesale jacking their entire style and getting famous with it, I’d understand. Instead, the song is about how other people are bitter. Nobody’s ever accused Slug of being shy about sharing bad feelings, but you have to admire his restraint here. Below, listen to “Bitter” and check out the Southsiders tracklist.

01 “Camera Thief”
02 “Arthur’s Song”
03 “The World Might Not Live Through The Night”
04 “Star Shaped Heart”
05 “I Love You Like A Brother”
06 “Southsiders”
07 “Bitter”
08 “Mrs. Interpret”
09 “Fortunate”
10 “Kanye West”
11 “We Ain’t Gonna Die Today”
12 “My Lady Got Two Men”
13 “Flicker”
14 “January On Lake Street”
15 “Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now”
(via Pitchfork)

Southsiders is out 5/6 on Rhymesayers.

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