Guided By Voices – “Bad Love Is Easy To Do”

Guided By Voices are not going to slow down for you or anyone. The Ohio indie rock OGs just released their last album Motivational Jumpsuit last month, and they’ve already made plans to give us another one, the 18-song Cool Planet, this spring. The band recorded this one, they assure us, in a proper video, and I’m tempted to believe that Robert Pollard just wrote a pile of new songs because it was too cold to go outside in the Upper Midwest this winter. This is the band’s sixth album since reuniting a couple of years ago, which is staggering. How many bands never make it to six albums before breaking up for the first time? So many bands! Cool Planet’s first single is “Bad Love Is Easy To Do,” and it’s a characteristically swaggering, tossed-off power-pop anthem. Listen below.

Cool Planet is out 5/19 on Fire Records.