Watch Schoolboy Q And Best Coast In This Fake Hoverboard Commercial

Hoverboards! Who didn’t want one after seeing Back To The Future Part II? Even I wanted one, and I’m terrified of heights and gave up attempting to skateboard after just one marginally nasty fall. Well, all of our dreams are about to come true. Hoverboards are finally here for real!

Just kidding. This new star-studded Hoverboard infomercial is totally fake. We know this much because the engineer in it (pictured again in a Facebook post affirming the reality of this product) is comedic actor Nelson Chang. But how awesome would it be if it were real? In the meantime, it’s still amazingly fun to watch the likes of Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrell Owens, Schoolboy Q, Agnes Bruckner, and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino (who performs a goofy Hoverboard-centric “When I’m With You”) floating around on flying skateboards. Extra-special props to whoever made this for getting Christopher Lloyd to do the intro.

So, seriously, who is responsible for this? HUVr Tech even has a website with Mark Cuban endorsement and a number of different Hoverboard color schemes. It’s amazing. Funny Or Die? Jimmy Kimmel? Chang was in Jash’s Catherine series, so our money’s on Jash.

UPDATE: It was Funny Or Die.