Lady Gaga Is Playing SXSW In A Doritos Vending Machine After All

Last week, we reported that the city of Austin had denied Lady Gaga permission to perform on the Doritos stage, a giant vending machine that the company erects right in the middle of downtown Austin, a SXSW landmark you cannot miss. The city had opted not to give Doritos the permit on the entirely reasonable grounds that this is a parking lot for an Italian restaurant, and if you get a pop star of Gaga’s magnitude on it, the resulting pandemonium will render the already-nuts SXSW circus simply unmanageable and even dangerous. But either Doritos changed someone at City Hall’s mind or the show is still going down guerrilla-style, since Gaga just posted a video announcing that she’s doing a show on that stage for contest winners. (Billboard reports that the Doritos stage will temporarily relocate itself to the much larger Stubb’s for the night.) Check out the video below.

You can either enter the contest here, or you can just yell the word “bold” into the wind a bunch of times and see if a ticket magically appears in your hand.