Watch Fucked Up’s Glass Boys Trailer

In December, I went to Toronto to talk to Fucked Up as the band was finishing up the recording of their fourth album. I heard a few bits and pieces of the LP, and those bits and pieces were enough to get me very excited. And now the band has shared the album’s title — Glass Boys, named after a song that guitarist Mike Haliechuk may have written about his bandmate Damian Abraham — and 80 seconds of music. In the trailer below, we see slowed-down mosh-heavy footage of the band’s early days scored with slow, gorgeous, decidedly non-screamed new music. It is epic. And speaking of epic, the band is also planning the release of “Year Of The Dragon,” the latest in their series of Zodiac 12″ singles. The title track, true to Fucked Up form, is 18 minutes long, and on the B-side, the band covers a pair of ancient Toronto punk obscurities. Below, watch the Glass Boys trailer and listen to the band’s cover of Cardboard Brains’ 1977 song “I Wanna Be A Yank.”

(via Pitchfork)

Glass Boys is out this summer on Matador, while “Year Of The Dragon” is out in spring on Tankcrimes. Meanwhile, Fucked Up will play Stereogum’s SXSW day party.