Lil Boosie Is Free

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana rap hero Lil Boosie, who’s been in prison on drug charges for the past five years, was released last night, as ABC News reports. Boosie’s prison stint started on a run-of-the-mill marijuana-possession charge, but the charges kept piling up; while in prison, he was found not guilty in a murder trial that could’ve sent him to death row. Rumors of an impending Boosie release have been circulating for at least a year, and his legend has only grown while’s been away. Boosie is one of Southern rap’s great cult heroes — a deeply individual voice equally capable of emotional exorcisms and party anthems, and a livewire performer who’s a veteran on the South’s dangerous but lucrative nightclub circuit. Once he starts recording again, he will presumably have a lot to talk about.

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