Jacques Greene – “No Excuse”

Most people recognize Jacques Greene for his face, not his music. You can see him posing for the camera, in thick-rimmed glasses, in Azealia Banks’ video for “212” but his actual production work is far more intimate. As proven by his swelling collaboration last year with How To Dress Well and his remix of Autre Ne Veut’s “Play By Play” (the original being my pick for Best Song of 2013), Greene is one of the strongest voices in the growing number of experimental R&B producers. All that makes the news of his upcoming EP, Phantom Vibrate, very exciting, but not as exciting as “No Excuse,” the first song to be released from the record. Between all the clattering drums and swooning vocals, Greene pushes sharp synths through the fog, creating something that’s deeply impressionistic even when it’s laser focused. Between this new EP and his upcoming performances at SXSW, expect to hear his name a lot this year. Listen below.

Phantom Vibrate is out 4/28 via LuckyMe.