Watch Metallica Debut “The Lords Of Summer” In Colombia

Last night, Metallica played a show in Bogotá, Colombia, and during their set, they debuted a new song called “The Lords Of Summer.” It’s their first new one in a few years (or, if we all agree to ignore that whole Lulu situation, even longer). And miraculously, it sounds like old-school Metallica: Blazing twin lead solos, “hey!” chants, the whole thing. At this point, getting excited about a new Metallica album is a mug’s game, but listening to this, I’m not not excited. Watch a fan-made video below.

There’s a great book to be written someday about the nature of metal fandom in Central and South America. It is a very real, honest, passionate thing.

[Photo by Greg Christman @ Apollo Theater]

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