Lust For Youth – “Epoetin Alfa”

Swedish producer Hannes Norrvide — who performs under the name Lust For Youth — will release his new album, International, in June. Immediately that title feels like it could be a subtle tribute to Pet Shop Boys, and based on International’s first single, “Epoetin Alfa,” the PSB nod seems even more deliberate. Over the last few years, Lust For Youth have been moving increasingly from synth-drone to synth-pop, and “Epoetin Alfa” completes that move once and for all: If this thing had artwork designed by Peter Saville (and its actual artwork has a distinct Saville feel, honestly), it would slot nicely between New Order and Depeche Mode on the John Peel Show circa 1981. It’s also the best thing I’ve ever heard from Lust For Youth, and you should definitely listen.

International is out 6/10 via Sacred Bones.