TEEN – “Tied Up Tied Down”

Not For Long” arrived with word that TEEN’s new The Way And Color would draw as much from pop and R&B as from the colorful psych the Lieberson sisters made their name on. The Pedro Almodóvar-inspired “Tied Up Tied Down” shows those influences converging in a slightly different way, crossbreeding pulsing bass and fervent drums out of a krautrock song with breathy vocal passages out of TLC, Wilson Phillips, or — to cite another recent sister act that undoubtedly informed TEEN’s trajectory — Haim. This isn’t a mere Days Are Gone rip, though; I haven’t heard anyone else put this exact spin on indie rock’s pop exodus. “Tied Up Tied Down” is a wonder to behold, so behold it below.

(via Vogue)

The Way And Color is coming 4/22 via Carpark.

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