Sean Nicholas Savage – “Heartless” (Stereogum Premiere)

In the first five seconds of “Heartless” it almost sounds like two songs are playing. There’s the tender, confessional guitar plucks and a reverb-heavy drum that sounds like it was pulled from an ’80s prom anthem. Yet they’re part of the same song, one by Sean Nicholas Savage, another excellent artist from the Montreal music scene that’s given us Grimes, Majical Cloudz, and Doldrums. This preview from Savage’s forthcoming LP Bermuda Waterfall is a fragile tribute to love intensely felt and then evaporated. It’s the sound of wanting to give up and stop while the rest of the world keeps pulling you along.

Tour Dates:
04/04 Rottedam @ Motel Mozaique Fest
04/05 Amsterdam @ People’s Palace (with Timber Timbre)
04.07 Zurich @ Rote Fabrik (with Timber Timbre)
04/08 Munich @ Hansa 39 (with Timber Timbre)
04/09 Berlin @ Lido (with Timber Timbre)
04/10 Hamburg @ Uebel & Gefährlich (with Timber Timbre)
04/12 Stockholm @ Debaser (with Timber Timbre)
04/13 Copenhagen @ Veag (with Timber Timbre)
04/15 Nigmegen @ Doornroosje (with Timber Timbre)
04/16 London @ Scala (with Timber Timbre)
04/17 Manchester @ Roadhouse (with Timber Timbre)
05/02 Liverpool @ Sound City Fest
05/03 Glasgow @ Glad Cafe
05/10 Brighton @ Great Escape Festival
05/15 Berlin @ Privat Club
05/16 Aarhus @ Pop Revo Festival
05/17 Rouen @ Mythomania Fest
05/19 Bruxelles @ Nuits Botaniques Fest
05/20 London @ Dalston Rooftop Garden
05/21 London @ Oval Space (with Owen Pallett)
05/23 Metz @ Trinitaires w Chain & the Gang
05/24 Utrecht @ Guess Who Fest
05/25 Laval @ 3 Elephants Festival
05/26 San Sebastian @ DABADABA club
05/27 Lisbon @ LUX (with Owen Pallett)
06/03 Paris @ Petit Bain upper deck show
06/05 Barcelona @ Vida Festival Fest at Estrella Damm’s Old Factory
06/07 Marseille @ rooftop show at la Friche
06/08 Marginy Brizay @ Manoir de Lavauguyot vineyard show

Bermuda Waterfall is out 5/13 via Arbutus Records.