Stream EMA The Future’s Void

Three years ago, the former Gowns singer Erika M. Anderson went solo as EMA and released her debut LP Past Life Martyred Saints, one of the most forceful and cathartic indie rock albums in recent memory. Next week, she follows it up with the new LP The Future’s Void, an equally deep and soul-smashing piece of work. This time around, there’s a bit of a goth-industrial influence in there with all the ’90s-style churn, and Anderson is consumed with the idea of keeping your essential self intact in the face of a dehumanizing internet. I’ve had it on constant repeat since I got my advance copy, and I feel like I’m still coming to grips with how great an album it is; new details emerge with every listen. We’ve already posted the three early tracks “Satellites,” “So Blonde,” and “3Jane” — which happen to be the first three songs on the album — and now you can stream the entire staggering thing at NPR.

The Future’s Void is out 4/8 on Matador.

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