Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce Criticizes The Space Project, Says He Only Did It Because He Was Broke

Back in February we heard “Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song),” Spiritualized’s contribution to Lefse’s Record Store Day compilation, The Space Project. Apparently Jason Pierce’s heart wasn’t in it; he told NME he only did it for the money. Here’s Pierce explaining his involvement:

It was set up by Fat Possum, who I’m signed to, so there was no thought in getting me involved, really. Plus I was broke. That was my main motivation. They said they’ve give me $1,500 to do a drone, which I can do in my sleep. And they got lucky, because I didn’t go in to write a tune, but I came out with that song, so it kind of worked out.

Pierce also openly criticized the concept behind the album, which involved musicians including Beach House, the Antlers, Youth Lagoon, Mutual Benefit recording new songs using samples recorded on other planets:

They said they’d made recordings of the planets, but you can’t record in a vacuum. There’s so much crap about how they did it. I’ve got the time but I didn’t have the will to read it all. But basically, somebody’s taken another form, like an infra-red or an electromagnetic wave – something you can record – and made that into a sound.

The Space Project is out 4/19 (Record Store Day) on Lefse. Listen to Pierce on autopilot below.

[Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images.]