Classixx – “A Stranger Love” Video

California duo Classixx took a break from remixing last year to release the very enjoyable Hanging Gardens, but the videos from that album have been truly excellent so far. First there was the lavish “All You’re Waiting For,” featuring Nancy Whang being a supreme badass on a yacht, and now director Jordan Michael Blake has made something even more eye-catching for “A Stranger Love.” The lushly romantic song soundtracks a young couple as they spend a night running through an eerily empty Los Angeles, having strange adventures. The moments of genuine sweetness (the pool) are paired with surreal images (the bed in the basketball court) and brief creepy moments, but the whole thing is so wonderfully shot that everything flows with its own logic. Watch it below and you’ll see.

(via FADER)

Hanging Gardens is out now via Innovative Leisure.