Sky Ferreira – “You’re Not The One (Little Daylight Remix)”

“You’re Not The One” is the most straight-forward pop song on Sky Ferreira’s stunning and oftentimes dark debut album Night Time, My Time and it’s really the only song that has any potential for crossover success. In encouraging news, it looks like Sky’s label hasn’t totally abandoned the album after it took so long to come out. This is the second remix to come out for this song in the past few weeks so Capitol seems to be pushing it pretty hard. Sky’s set for a Jimmy Fallon appearance tonight and she’s still on tour with Miley Cyrus. Little Daylight, who are also signed to Capitol, gives the song a glittery sheen and slows it down a bit, taking its bite away but highlighting its climactic breakdown. Listen below.

Night Time, My Time is out now on Capitol.