Warpaint – “Disco // Very” + “Keep It Healthy” Video

“Disco // Very” and “Keep It Healthy” — two of the best tracks from Warpaint’s stellar self-titled sophomore album — get a double video treatment, tied together by director Laban Pheidias and some LA street skateboarders. The video starts off with the Warpaint girls having a lot of fun dancing in the middle of the street before slickly transitioning to an LA skate park at night. Pheidias, who has also directed videos for Justin Timberlake and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., was a professional skateboarder before moving into directing. “These Warpaint videos are extra special to me for multiple reasons and not just because the girls are super rad and fun to work with,” he said. “Having been a professional skateboarder for many years I’ve really been wanting to incorporate skateboarding into a music video. So, when this project was presented to me with skateboarding already in the concept, I was of course psyched.” Watch below.

Warpaint’s self-titled album is out now on Rough Trade.

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