Walter Martin – “We Like The Zoo (‘Cause We’re Animals Too)” (Feat. Matt Berninger)

The Walkmen are now on hiatus, possibly forever, and three of the band’s members have solo albums coming out in the next few months. Only one of those members, however, has a kids’ solo album coming out, and that’s multi-instrumentalist Walter Martin. Martin’s We’re All Young Together is his entry into the kids’-music-that-is-somehow-not-annoying-to-adults circuit, which is a big thing for people with kids right now. We’ve already posted his Karen O collab “Sing To Me,” and now Martin has shared a new one called “We Like The Zoo (‘Cause We’re Animals Too),” a charming little ditty that features a lot of animal noises and a guest vocal from the National frontman Matt Berninger. (This, I suppose, is the part where I’ll point out that the Walkmen and the National are both well-dressed, sophisticated, elegantly rumpled New York indie rock bands with big, great choruses, except that the National are having the career that the Walkmen should’ve had. Go ahead and discuss that further in the comments if you feel like it.) Listen to the song below.

We’re All Young Together is out 5/13 on Family Jukebox.