Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – “Televan”

Armed with just a single drum, a mic, and a very funny bassist, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is simply one of the most intense live bands you can see today, and probably the only band that could be opening for Future Islands right now and more than hold their own. When I saw Schrader play in a musty basement at last year’s Hassle Fest, he and bassist Devlin Rice outperformed bands like Lightning Bolt, but still managed to throw in plenty of silly banter and a cover of KISS’ “I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night.” What’s more amazing though is how that ferocity in the live setting actually carried over to the their first recorded album, Jazz Mind, and considering how great their recent single “Pantomime Jack” was, their upcoming album, Party Jail, is looking to be the same. Now they release “Televan,” which has the same minimal rush and frothing vocals that we expect from ESMB, but with a chorus that could have come from ’60s bubblegum pop — if it wasn’t being screamed in your face, that is. Listen to it below.

Party Jail is out 5/20 via Infinity Cat Recordings.