Coachella 2014: The 9 Best Things From Saturday

I’m not crying, I just have a little dust in my eyes. No, really: Coachella’s second day was largely engulfed by a more manageable (but still annoying!) version of the dust storm that turned last year’s event hazardous. That said, I might actually be crying too because I missed the historic alignment of Nas and Jay Z. The legendary MCs have combined on a number of records since patching up their feud in 2005, but they’d never performed on stage before Shawn joined Nasir Saturday night. To make the occasion extra historic, they did “Dead Presidents,” the song many credit for sparking their feud in the first place when Nas refused an offer to record the hook. They also did Jay’s “Where I’m From.” And that wasn’t the only big cameo of the day. Elsewhere in the Carter family, Beyoncé hopped on stage with sister Solange to dance out “Losing You.” Pharrell invited enough pals on stage with him that I began to wonder about the possibility of a Pharrell-centric road show. Lastly, dust combined with wind to remind us of mortality and Kansas. Carry on, wayward sons, to Saturday’s greatest moments.