The 10 Most Expensive Record Store Day ’14 Flips On Ebay

The 10 Most Expensive Record Store Day ’14 Flips On Ebay

If you haven’t opened your Record Store Day purchases yet, you may want to throw it up on eBay instead. Just two days after the big day, RSD exclusives are being flipped for ridiculous amounts of money. Any list like this is imperfect and this is probably already out of date but we’ve combed through the listings to find the records that have already sold for astronomical prices. This doesn’t count all of the ongoing auctions that are sure to steadily rise over the next few days but it’s a good overview of which vinyl flipped quick and made a fast buck. The biggest “winners” by volume are by far R.E.M. and Cake (!), both of which have at least a dozen already auctioned off. Check out the gallery above to see what record topped the list.

This pre-release special edition of the Brighton four-piece's debut album was pressed on black and red colored vinyl. [Auction]
This 4-LP box set celebrates the 50th anniversary of Elektra Records and contains 83 tracks from artists such as Pete Seeger, Dave Van Ronk, Tom Paxton, and Judy Collins. [Auction]
The first album from the Pixies since 1991 was released a week early on RSD. The only thing different about this vinyl compared to the one that will see a wide release is the inclusion of a 7" of new song "Women Of War." [Auction]
A confident seller listed Camera Obscura's 12" of live tracks from a 4AD session listed this a week early and got someone to buy it in advance. Other copies of this album are going for around $30. [Auction]
This numbered box set is a live 1996 recording from a performance in Richmond, Virginia. It's the fourth volume in DMB's Live At Trax series, all of which have been sold on past RSDs and flipped for insane amounts. [Auction]
This 12" contains tracks from R.E.M.'s 1991 and 2001 Unplugged sessions collected in a 4-LP box set. This is one of the more popular RSD 2014 releases to pawn off on Ebay. [Auction]
LCD Soundsystem's box set containing a live recording of their final performance at Madison Square Garden is another popular one to flip. [Auction]
Inexplicably high up on this list is a 12" from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard who don't seem terribly popular but managed to beat out a lot more established artists. [Auction]
It makes sense that Cake's massive 8-LP box set would cost a lot of money but the most fascinating thing about it is the sheer amount of them already sold on Ebay. Over 80 of them have already been sold off and there are even more being auctioned off. Considering there were only 900 of them made, that's a hell of a lot of people who don't want their box set. [Auction]
Coming out on top is Jack White's fastest record ever made 7" for his new single "Lazaretto." The single was recorded direct-to-acetate, rushed to production, and sold in the same day in a Record Store Day stunt that seems to have paid off. [Auction]

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