Watch Some Teasers For Best Coast’s Newly Completed Third Album

Last year Best Coast released Fade Away, which at seven tracks was something like the group’s third album but was dubbed a “mini-album.” In an interview around that time, Bethany Cosentino said she was hoping to have Best Coast’s real third album out by the spring. It’s springtime now, and the album isn’t out yet, but some new Instagram posts from Cosentino suggest it’s coming soon. Yesterday Cosentino posted the above photo of the band toasting alongside producer Wally Gagel with the transcription “Album 3 is done!!!!!!!!! What an incredible feeling this is. We can’t wait to share this with you guys!! @wallygagel we luv u.” She also posted three videos previewing songs from the LP, all of which are embedded below.

Sounds like Best Coast, which is a great thing! No word yet on which label will release the album, though in last year’s interview she mentioned it probably would be a new label rather than her own Jewel City imprint, which released Fade Away.

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