Deadmau5 Takes Issue With Arcade Fire’s EDM Jabs, Fires Shots On Twitter

Arcade Fire have been pretty grumpy about dance music lately, which has led to the extremely popular DJ Deadmau5 lashing out on Twitter. This seems to be a response to something started a few weeks ago during the Arcade Fire’s headlining set at the first week of Coachella, when Win Butler shouted out “to all the bands playing instruments this weekend.” The next weekend, the band featured what seemed like a guest appearance by Daft Punk, but who were in fact impersonators playing a mangled and mockingly bad version of “Get Lucky.” Deadmau5 took to Twitter, asking the band, “dafuqs yer problem?” It’s easy to argue that Arcade Fire were being dicks with the Coachella business, although it’s worth pointing out that Deadmau5 doesn’t seem totally on-base asking, “Do you even score bro?” to a band whose members who were nominated for a “Best Score” Oscar. Still he makes a pretty good point here in a good-humored way (finishing it off with that Richard Kiel scene from Happy Gilmour was great) and you can read all of the tweets below and weigh in in the comments.

(via Spin)