Watch Arcade Fire Cover Chuck Berry, Mock Deadmau5 In St. Louis

Arcade Fire, on their current tour, are starting to adapt the practice of playing locally significant covers in different towns (see: “Dust In The Wind” in Kansas City), and St. Louis is the home to rock and roll originator Chuck Berry. So it’s only right that the band played a Berry song — a honking, bar-rocking rendition of “Roll Over Beethoven” while they were playing St. Louis’s Chaifetz Arena last night. At the same show, as Consequence Of Sound reports, they advanced their beef with Deadmau5, showing an image of the EDM producer (along with former congressman Todd Akin) on a digital mask during their song “Normal Person,” the one where they ask if you remember rock and roll music. Watch a fan-made video of the Chuck Berry cover and the Deadmau5 dis below.

(via Consequence Of Sound)

Honestly, though, would it have killed them to do “Hot In Herre” instead?

[Photo by Jason Squires, via Getty Images]