Banks – “Goddess”

When we talked to Banks earlier this year, the L.A. singer told us that she was putting everything she had into her debut album: “My lyrics are the most raw and vulnerable and honest part of my mind.” Over the past few months, Banks has become the new It Girl following a prominent placement in a Victoria’s Secret ad campaign, a string of packed SXSW showcases, and a strong set at Coachella. Her latest song tackles that newfound fame head-on, calling out everyone who didn’t believe in her: “You put her down/ You liked her hopeless … Cus she’s a goddess/ You never got this.” Featuring claustrophobic production from long-time collaborator Lil Silva, “Goddess” is another menacing look into the back alley R&B that has made Banks such a success so far. It’s also the title track from her long-awaited debut album which is set to come out in September. Watch the lyric video below.

Goddess is out 9/8 on Rough Trade in the UK and 9/9 on Harvest in America. Pre-order it here.