Watch Arcade Fire Nod To The Internet With “Get Right” In Columbus

Arcade Fire brought their Reflektor roadshow to my city last night. Presumably in honor of Columbus’ derogatory “Cowtown” nickname, Win Butler wore a cow-print sport coat (not pictured). For their local cover of the night, they dusted off their take on Devo’s “Uncontrollable Urge,” and although the Akron-Kent area that spawned Devo is a good two and a half hours away from here, we collectively took no offense because Ohio’s love for Devo runs deep. (Personally I was hoping for something by Times New Viking, who opened for Arcade Fire here back in the Funeral era, but that was wishful thinking; a hearty “Skull Versus Wizard” would probably have gone over most people’s heads.) The night’s most notable development was the band performing Reflektor outtake “Get Right,” presumably in response to the song appearing on the internet that day. The tune starts out as clumsily hulking blando blooz, but it really takes off once the layers start to pile on and things get ominous and epic. Watch fan-made video below.

In other news, all the Funeral songs still give me goosebumps, Regine continues to be captivatingly weird (her main-set-closing “Sprawl II” was magical), confetti cannons add a lot to “Here Comes The Night Time,” and “Ready To Start” feels kind of underrated to me if that’s even possible.

[Photo by Jason Squires/WireImage.]

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