Vomitface – “Sloppy Joes” (Stereogum Premiere)

Jersey City rockers Vomitface have an ugly name, which is suitable for such grostesque garage rock. (“Black-surf,” they call it.) As presented on the trio’s self-titled debut EP — limited to 133 copies on puke-green vinyl, including 33 on puke-green marble vinyl — they combine sludgy grunge riffs with spazzy art-punk rhythms and wild whispers and howls that remind me of Jeremy Enigk or Rivers Cuomo. Unusual combination, right? “Sloppy Joes,” the EP’s flailing leadoff track, will bludgeon you. Listen below.

Vomitface is out now. Order it at Bandcamp, where you can hear two more songs.

[Photo by David Brandon Geeting.]

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