Raekwon And RZA Reach Truce

The internal dymanics of the Wu-Tang Clan have always been a fascinating thing, but lately, they’ve been fascinating in the bad way, with Raekwon publicly bickering with crew leader RZA over the direction of the group and their in-progress album A Better Tomorrow. Last month, Rae announced that he was “on strike” from the group, and RZA gave Rae an ultimatum, saying that Rae had to rejoin the group within 30 days or the new album wouldn’t happen. Apparently, cooler heads prevailed, or RZA’s scheme worked. As Consequence Of Sound points out, a post on the Wu-Tang website claims that Rae is “scheduled to hit studio to complete verses for album” and that the two have come to a “truce.” That news would more if it came from Rae, and it’s almost comically devoid of details, but it’s encouraging news regardless.