Stream Kitty’s impatiens EP + Watch “brb” Video

Last week we got to hear “??:?*??°??:?* emob0unce °??.?*??°?,” a song from Kitty’s surprise impatiens EP. Now you can listen to the full four song release on a Youtube playlist that provides a visual to go with each one. The first clip, for “brb,” is the proper music video in the bunch, but it’s got some Kitty fans in their underwear so it’s semi-NSFW. Here’s a note from the Brooklyn-via-Florida rapper about it:

BRB was an idea that came from the frustration of long-distance relationships and the weirdness of internet romance. Everyone’s been there, and I wanted the video to reflect that universal awkwardness we all experience via Skype and Facetime, so I invited my friends and fans to open up their Photobooth and help me out.

impatiens is out now. Grab it at Bandcamp.

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