Ultramantis Black – “West Siberian Plain”

In Chikara, the great Pennsylvania-based indie pro-wrestling federation, the masked wrestler Ultramantis Black plays a devious world-conquering insect supervillain who’s somehow, over the years, become an underdog fan favorite. He’s awesome, and his Spectral Envoy team’s victory in the 2012 King Of Trios tournament was the climax of one of my favorite wrestling storylines in recent memory. And when he’s not in the ring, Mantis is working on music. On his new self-titled EP, coming later this summer from the giant metal indie Relapse, Mantis bashes out a feral, unhinged form of hardcore, with members of Pissed Jeans (at least one of whom is also an occasional pro wrestler) backing him up. Below, check out his fiery, merciless track “West Siberian Plain.”

(via Noisey)

The Ultramantis Black EP is out 7/9 on Relapse. Also, the Spectral Envoy — Ultramantis, Hallowicked, and Frightmare — will take on the evil viking faction Die Bruderschaft Des Kreuzes at the Palmer Center in Easton, PA 5/25, when Chikara returns to internet pay-per-view.