Stream Ben Frost A U R O R A

There’s a song right in the middle of Ben Frost’s A U R O R A titled “Diphenyl Oxalate,” which is the name for the active chemical in glow sticks. It’s an appropriate reference for an album that sounds like it’s been made out of the stuff. I haven’t seen a physical copy of it yet, but I still picture the need for special gloves and a mask just to safely put A U R O R A into a CD player. I talked a lot about the brilliance of Frost’s A U R O R A in our interview earlier this week, but now you can hear the record yourself in all its irradiated, destructive glory. It’s required listening if you have even a passing interest in noise, electronic music, or whatever you want to call the creepy shit Swans did on their colossal To Be Kind (in a nice trade, Frost performed on The Seer and Swans’ juggernaut Thor Harris plays throughout A U R O R A). It’s still one of the best things I’ve heard all year. Head over to Pitchfork now to stream it in full.

A U R O R A is out 5/27 via Mute.

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