Adult Jazz – “Spook”

Earlier this year Leeds indie-rock experimentalists Adult Jazz released a double A-side single featuring two immensely promising songs, “Am Gone” and “Springful.” Those tracks will appear on Gist Is, the full-length debut album the band announced today, as will “Spook,” the airy and dramatic 10-minute sprawl that accompanied the album announcement. Like the other tunes we’ve heard from Adult Jazz, this one exists in the same sonic spectrum as Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors but sets itself apart by building cinematic splendor out of relatively few ingredients. It’s a gorgeous piece of work that absolutely earns its extended run time. Don’t let your short attention span get the best of you.

Gist Is will be released 8/4 via Spare Thought. Tracklist:

01 “Hum”
02 “Am Gone”
03 “Springful”
04 “Donne Tongue”
05 “Pigeon Skulls”
06 “Spook”
07 “Idiot Mantra”
08 “Be A Girl”
09 “Bonedigger”

Tags: Adult Jazz