Justin Bieber – “Looking For You” (Feat. Migos)

I know it looks like we’re trolling when we acknowledge the existence of the pop star/public pariah Justin Bieber, but if we’re going to post his Chance The Rapper collab “Confident,” we might as well point out the next time the Biebs hooks up with another underground mixtape-rapper type. And on his new single “Looking For You,” Bieber joins forces with the rising Atlanta trio Migos. Their staccato double-time raps fit Bieber’s big-money dance-pop almost shockingly well. (They’re on the hook, not just the inevitable guest-verse, and they make the hook better.) Bieber might not have good instincts in most things, but he’s at least making noises with the right rap dudes. That’s not nothing. Listen below.

(via Miss Info)

I find it weirdly endearing that Bieber is spending as much time on DatPiff as I am.