Kanye Blasts The Press, Slights Jay Z In Triumphant Bonnaroo Return

Six years after Kanye West’s infamous Bonnaroo debut — a performance that didn’t begin until 4:30AM BECAUSE OF PEARL JAM, SQUID BRAINS!! — the newlywed rapper returned to Manchester last night for what, by most accounts, was a strong headline set, though uneventful by Yeezus Tour standards. One notable outburst, which you can watch below, came during the outro to “Heartless”: He repeatedly screamed, “Where the press at?!” taking issue with coverage of the 2008 debacle.

He also referenced all the anti-Kanye graffiti at his last appearance…

“Last time I got here, before I even arrived, they had ‘Fuck Kanye’ on the motherfuckin’ Porta Potties. With this shit we gonna piss on them, on they motherfuckin’ Porta Potties.”

Like on the Yeezus Tour, West sported a Margiela mask and performed mostly in silhouette, but there was no ice mountain nor white Jesus at Bonnaroo. A breakdown in “Runaway” offered the usual megalomanic reflection (via AP):

“I ain’t going after nobody on the radio. I’m going after Shakespeare. I’m going after Walt Disney. I’m going after Howard Hughes. I’m going after Genghis Khan. I’m going after Henry Ford…”

According to CoS, one change in these post-nuptial shows (both at Bonnaroo and last week’s X Games) is that Kanye has dropped wedding ceremony no-show Jay Z’s name from several songs, including “Cold” and “Blood On The Leaves.”

Looks like Kim enjoyed her first Bonnaroo.

She should stay for Yonder Mountain String Band.

01 “Black Skinhead”
02 “I Don’t Like (Remix)”
03 “Mercy
04 “Cold”
05 “Clique”
06 “Can’t Tell Me Nothin'”
07 “New Slaves”
08 “Power”
09 “Stronger”
10 “Say You Will”
11 “Runaway”
12 “Run This Town”
13 “Diamonds Of Sierra Leone”
14 “Heartless”
15 “Jesus Walks”
16 “All Falls Down”
17 “Touch the Sky”
18 “All Of The Lights”
19 ”Good Life”
20 “Bound 2″

21 “Blood On The Leaves”

[Photo by Gary Miller/WireImage.]